Prompt, professional, looks great. He was about the same price as another I looked at but he used better quality materials. I did pay a little more because I got the downspouts that have 3 times the volume so leaves won't clog as easily. He didn't push it just said here are the different ways I can do it and the different costs - and after talking to first guy I did what he recommended. He's a bit of a talker in that he explains thing even after I was ready to buy - but he is informative. Highest recommendation possible. Comes, gives excellent price for the quality of materials and work to be done, then does the work, cleans up the property and is gone. I was leaving and he wasn't quite done, I paid him in full and he finished beautifully. Save yourself some time and trouble - call this guy, IMO 3 bids is a waste of time.
I had a leak in my roof solar heating system for my pool - which is a saltwater pool. This leak drained into my gutter, and the saltwater wreaked havoc on my gutter and downspouts. I needed 70 Linear feet of gutter and two custom downspouts fabricated, painted and hung properly to ensure good functionality and clean aesthetics. Rob bid the job and started the same day. He was 25% less than the other larger companies on Angie's List, who were already pushing things on me I didn't need before they even saw my home. Rob finished the job in two days from bid to job complete, and there was no pushing anything I didn't need.

Communication on what I wanted aesthetically, and what was functionally viable was excellent... Rob presents the trade offs, and will do whatever you ask, but he makes sure you know the ramifications of your choices.. I really appreciated that. I worked construction to pay my way through college, and I can tell you from experience he does very high quality work, and he does it quickly. was so pleased with the work that I felt guilty for how much I was paying for such good, prideful work.... so I added $100 to the total to make me feel better. Would highly recommend Rob to anyone needing gutter work.


Our old gutters had deteriorated to the point that water was overflowing and causing damage to our roof and trim. Rob Marks (The Tin Man) worked seamlessly and quickly along with the roofer who did the repairs to our tile roof. The new gutters work perfectly and we are very pleased.
Description of work:
Replaced our old, deteriorating rain gutters with brand new, high-quality tin gutters that work perfectly.

 Though it was a very small job, Mr. Marks offered to come out the same day I called him.  He and his son arrived exactly when he said they would, estimated the job, and replaced the downspout on the spot.  They did the job quickly and efficiently, I got it painted that afternoon, and it looks like new.  I was happy to get it done quickly and with minimum fuss.

Description of work:
Replaced one aging downspout that had been punctured by the landscapers.


I was having a lot of work done on my house, from repairs and renovation to painting to new gutters. I was surprised to find that getting a good gutter installer was the most difficult aspect of the project. The day I had scheduled an appointment with California Gutterworks for an estimate, they never even showed up. So I picked up the phone and called The Tinman, and Rob hustled over within the hour.

I was impressed with his knowledge -- this guy really knows his stuff. He had several samples of rain gutters in his truck, and he took the time to educate me on what goes into quality gutter work. This guy is a serious craftsman. He pointed out the flaws in my existing gutters, how they weren't angled properly to create a good flow of water, and where the original installers had goofed on the installation and how he could fix it.

He talked about the downspouts and the proper angle in them to prevent blockage (more like 135 degrees instead of the nearly 90-degree bends I and most of my neighbors had). It was clear this guy was a total pro. None of the other bidders mentioned any of this stuff. When I mentioned the angle of the gutters to one bidder, he replied, and quot;There's not much you can do about that.and quot; So I went with Rob, the Tinman, and I'm glad I did.
Rob showed me several different styles of gutters I could choose from -- quite the opposite from the one-style-fits-all of the other folks I'd talked with. When I had a hard time picking the style I liked best, he offered to take me on a tour of houses he'd installed gutters on so I could see the gutters in place. He took time out of his Sunday to show me several houses he'd worked on. It was actually easy to tell which gutters Rob had worked on and which he had nothing to do with.
Rob is quite a colorful character, and I actually enjoyed my interactions with him. In fact, I'll kinda miss him now that the job's done. I don't think I've ever said that about a contractor before. :]
    I will say that The Tinman's quote was not the cheapest I received. If you're on a very tight budget and are looking to cut corners, you'll find cheaper installers out there. But take my word for it, Rob is absolutely worth the few bucks more it costs to have a total pro do the job. Friendly, professional, responsive, a true craftsman. No need to even think twice about it, hire The Tinman.

FOLLOW-UP: I had my house painted shortly after having the gutters installed. The painters (Painting Pros who I also highly recommend) commented that the gutter work was done by the most conscientious gutter installer they'd ever seen. They reported that the work was meticulous, the materials used were of a very high quality, and all the work was completed thoroughly instead of and quot;leaving it for the next guy.and quot; They were impressed, which only validates my high opinion of Rob's work.

Description of work:
Removed and disposed of old rain gutters and installed new ones; fabricated and installed new downspouts; repaired place in stucco where original gutters had been stuck into.


Rob is and "old school" I think if you asked him he'd say, and " it right, or don't do it all."  His phone number rings to an answering machine, but he always, and I emphasize, always returns his calls. I recieved one call after 8pm and another on Saturday.He came out and demonstrated why my gutters weren't work properly, provided several options, and then wrote a bid on the spot. Called him and told him I wanted to proceed with the work and he started and completed it the following week. I'm very happy with the work and I recommned Rob to others looking for good quality work and a guy that is interested in making sure your satisfied.

Description of work:
Change out and reconfigure downspouts to allow for better flow out of the gutters. Prior replacement of gutters and downspouts 5 years ago left me with constant clogs and overflowing gutters.