Rob Marks is The TINMAN

Uncompromising Quality and Attention to Detail

THE TINMAN, Specializing in enlarging existing gutter outlets and downspouts, correcting poorly installed rain gutters, replacing rusted sections, tree damage, leaks, and fascia board dry rot, fabricating custom rain gutter systems, flashing, crickets, and saddles (around skylights and chimneys). Rob has over 37 years experience plying his trade in the Sacramento CA area with skill, professionalism, craftsmanship and integrity, Rob is a true artisan who does all the work himself, from design to fabrication to installation.

• Upgrade or repair old or leaking gutters
• Fabricate and Install new custom gutters
• Galvanized custom gutters
• Seamless gutters with custom-built downspouts
• Enlarge outlets and downspouts - this increases flow and also makes gutters last longer because they don’t have to hold water
• Paint gutters and downspouts to customer’s preference and match aesthetics of the home
• Optional custom-built 24-gauge galvanized steel gutters



Technical info:

Why our gutters are better quality than originals

• We fabricate Larger downspouts (standard is 2x3, optional 3x4)
• We Solder miters for improved strength and durability
• We  Uses strong and durable 26-gauge or 24-gauge galvanized steel
• All Gutters are leveled to ensure proper flow